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Parent & Pre-School Mindfulness Classes

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Learn Mindfulness Skills Together

Six Classes for Parents and Pre-School Children at Ledbury Children's Centre

Classes will run on Wednesdays during term time from 9:30-10:30am starting November. We recommend you  come to as many classes as you can to explore different mindfulness skills for yourself and your child, but also discover ways of using mindfulness strategies by yourself as your child gets older.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the intentional and non-judgmental practise of focusing on your current experience, of giving the here and now your full attention. It allows you to assume control over your thoughts and emotions and to free yourself from automatic and unhelpful ways of thinking and responding.

Sounds great for parents but why might your child need it?

No matter what developmental stage your child is at, mindfulness can be a valuable tool for decreasing anxiety and promoting happiness. As toddlers and pre-schoolers, our children face many challenges which can impact on their confidence and emotional stability. Milestones like learning to walk and talk bring with them a huge array of feelings and frustrations that are often overwhelming and difficult for a young child to manage.

With our parent and pre-school mindfulness classes, we are offering you the time, space and guidance to familiarise yourself with a range of fun, gentle and age-appropriate activities and practises that you and your child can enjoy together and that will empower them to better control and manage big emotions when they arise. Other benefits of mindfulness include better focus, increased working memory and improved self-esteem and happiness.

Access our recorded mindfulness meditations here.

Book Now For You and Your Child

Held at Ledbury Children's Centre

Long Acres Ledbury HR8 2BE

Tel: 07824 514693

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