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One-to-One Counselling

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How Does It Work?

Six Sessions of Personal Counselling 
Online and at Ledbury Children's Centre

When things start to get too much, when you feel pressured, stressed, tired and worn out, and you don't know which way to turn, it can be really tough to find the help you need. We know that when you get to that point it can even be hard to simply ask for help. Our confidential counselling service provides a safe, understanding and non-judgemental space where you can be really listened to and start to explore what is causing the difficulties, understand why you react the way you do, and start to create a strategy that will help you find a way forward in your life.

Counselling can be an incredibly supportive process that allows you to make sense of yourself and your life, in which you can find the confidence and clarity necessary to identify what you really need and how to achieve that confidently. ​As a parent, getting the right support at the right time can make a huge difference for you and your family, and we are sensitive to the pressures you face as you raise your children. Asking for help is a brave step and rest assured you will be met with compassion and acceptance at Dream Your Future Families.

Our service is subsidised, but we ask you to consider making a donation towards the counselling. We invite you to think of it as an investment in yourself and the first step in committing to seeing in a positive change in your life. For parents who don't want to take away our funded places from others with less resources, we also offer a private paid counselling service and you can book sessions in here.


We can now provide sessions in-person at Ledbury Children's Centre or online and by telephone. Please use the form below or call 07581 224539 to request our subsidised counselling service.

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Online and at Ledbury Children's Centre

Long Acres Ledbury HR8 2BE

Tel: 07581 224539

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