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The Parent Space Listening Group

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Here You Can Be

Six Weeks To Be Completely Listened To.

This place is for you, especially if you are a parent who wonders why your children aren’t listening to you. Especially if you are fed up of repeating yourself time and time again! It is for you if you are frustrated with some of your experiences in parenting and you long to connect with others. It is for you because you value connecting with your children and with your friends and family, in a deep and authentic way. You just know it is better together.

The Parent Space gives you a regular time in your week to be surrounded by your tribe! Here you have the opportunity to share what has been going on in your week. Here you are warmly welcomed as you are. Here you are invited to explore through simply talking and listening. You will come away with a deeper a sense of connection and a lightness, knowing you have found others who listen and accept you.

Meet with six other parents every week to openly share your experiences as a parent. You will be guided through listening and communication activities to give and receive mutual support. The skills you learn can also help you communicate with family members and others.

What Others Are Saying About Us



“Our gathering has punctuated my week, a welcomed opportunity where I can share and process my busy week - the highs, the lows, the challenges and the joys - whatever I need to talk about - I know that there is someone who can listen without judgment”


“The sessions were a chance to join with other women and just stop for an hour. Stop everything else going on and just be with these women to share, reflect, laugh and breathe! I found the session gave me tools to take into family life”


"I liked having a regular slot in the week to look forward to connecting with people. Also, being listened to for ten minutes flat was very grounding. I felt I was able to finally drop some negative thoughts that had been playing on my mind for too long after speaking them out to a listening ear”

Come on in, you're welcome

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Held at Ledbury Children's Centre

Long Acres Ledbury HR8 2BE

Tel: 07824 514693

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