Do you sometimes smile and wonder at your child and wish you could experience that more?

Do you ever feel guilty that you are rushed with so many other family responsibilities?

You're not alone.

Mother and Child

Having a child can be one of the most beautiful experiences of being human. There are times - often when they are sleeping - when we can look calmly on our children and wonder at how small they are, how awe-inspiring it is to care for a little growing, human person and most especially how much we love them.

At the same time, the demands of parenting often stretch us beyond what we feel we can cope with and we can be rushed off our feet making sure that everyone is healthy, happy and fulfilled. In the rush and jumble we might lose sight of how fortunate we are to have these special people in our lives, and frustration and resentment can build up.

What if we told you that there is a way to experience that quiet wonder throughout the day, and that you can generate more of it deliberately, topping up your reserves of affection and appreciation? Affection building is a skill that can be developed to support you in the day to day, to give you the chance to remember in the madness of it all why you are doing all of this, and to appreciate what you've got.

We have created a beautiful exercise to help you create those internal feelings of affection and appreciation that you can use in the odd spare minute or two throughout the day. Get yours below and start generating those good feelings today!

Affection Building Process
A beautiful exercise to help you generate even more love and affection for your kids
[+ discover higher levels of tolerance and patience as a result]
Imagine having so much affection, wonder and joy for your family that you gladly work through the chores of the day with patience, appreciation and acceptance. Dreamy, right?
Mother and Daughter Love

For parents who want to appreciate every moment:

This is your perfect starting point, even if your schedule is full from start to finish, your to-do list is as long as your arm, and you've forgotten who you are as a person! Access this beautiful Affection Building Process and get generating even more love.

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