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We believe that the mental and emotional well-being of families and their children is a social issue, and that parents left to manage by themselves can struggle. Our services provide connection and community for you as a parent, offering you a chance to be heard, to express yourself and be supported to help your children who may also be struggling with emotional or mental health challenges. Learn how to reduce your stress levels and actively improve your emotional well-being to become a more attuned and responsive parent.

All family groups run during school term times.

Modern Design

Talk Community Parent Hubs

We make extra time and space in all our children's groups for you to relax, make friends, discover helpful parenting strategies and find out about what's on for families in Herefordshire. Find us at The Courtyard in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye Library and Ledbury Children's Centre.

Low Cost Parent Counselling

Being a parent is a stressful job, especially if you are facing other difficult life challenges. We offer low cost, professional counselling to parents both in person and online. Our rates are reduced even more for those on benefits or low incomes. We want to help make your life easier so you can more easily be the parent you want to be.

Explore our online parenting resources for mums and dads from the privacy of your own home. Join in with our reflective practices and take part in our parenting workshops and coaching calls. Understand your own parenting practices and where they come from and get clear on how to be the parent you really want to be.

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