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The last few years have been very challenging for little people. With lockdowns and a cost of living crisis, many families have faced increased pressures and lost opportunities for children to play and learn outside the home. Many toddlers and babies still need help to boost their confidence in the world and with others. Our play sessions allow children to learn about their emotions and express themselves in a safe and enriching way. We help your children engage their imagination through Performing Arts and support them with their fears in our Mindfulness classes, all with the safety of you by their side to encourage and enjoy their play.

All family groups are free to access and run during school term times.

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Parent & Toddler Mindfulness Classes

Help your child slow down and use all their senses to lessen fears and worries, and learn strategies you can use and adapt as they grow and face new fears. Mindfulness is free to access and you can also explore our range of low cost Meditations here: 

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Performing Arts For Little Pickles

Bring your child to explore self expression and big emotions through role play, dramatic stories and play. Little Pickles is free for all families to attend, but you can make a donation to support the running of these groups below. Find us at The Courtyard in Hereford, Ross-on-Wye Library and Ledbury Children's Centre.

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What's On Term Time Activity Calendar






9:30am-12pm Afghan

Family Fun


Children's Centre


Little Pickles / Mindfulness

The Courtyard Hereford


Little Pickles / Mindfulness

Ross-On-Wye Library


MUMazing! Online

12:30-2:30pm Little Pickles / Mindfulness


Children's Centre


MUMazing! Online

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