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We believe the mental and emotional well-being of families is a social issue, and parents left to manage by themselves can struggle without timely support. We aim to provide professional, warm and inclusive support services to help parents with their mental and emotional health and well-being, and help improve the quality of their and their children's lives.


Our services provide connection and community to parents, offering them a chance to to overcome isolation and loneliness, be heard, express themselves and be supported to build their emotional resilience for the benefit of their children who may also struggle with emotional or mental health challenges.


By ensuring our services overlap one another, we aim to create a friendly, understanding and empowering support network that allows parents to be more relaxed, responsive and attuned to their children’s needs, thereby helping to raise a generation of secure, respectful and confident young people with less mental health challenges and more capacity to care for the world and it’s problems.


All of our local children's groups are offered free of charge, and counselling is charged at very low fees, so that anyone who needs support can access what we offer, regardless of their financial status. We therefore rely on income from our online resources, grant funding, and public donations to cover the costs of delivering free-to-access family play groups.

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Our ethos comes from a desire and motivation to recognise and support the work that parents do, both within their own family unit as well as the impact of their work on the wider community. Our attitude and motivation is rooted in the desire to develop and enhance supportive community networks that enable individual parents to thrive for the benefit of all. Our ethos influences our service provision in that we believe that parents develop confidence in meeting their own and their children’s needs more successfully when they are supported in relationships characterised by the core conditions of acceptance, empathy and genuineness.

It is important to us to contribute to and strengthen community links and support networks to encourage parents to recognise and meet their own needs, as well as their children’s. Working in partnership with other community services is a key component of our approach, as is reaching out to businesses in the local community to financially support our objectives. In our relationships with company members, with our community partners and with our clients we seek to live out the values of independence through community, that underpins and shapes our company. These core values are as follows:


1. Equality

We welcome and work alongside people from all walks of life, believing in the fundamental worth and equality of all human beings, irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical and mental capability. We also acknowledge the impact of prejudice and systemic disadvantages on individuals as a result of their race, sexual orientation and gender and actively seek to work against these influences in our services and business structures.

2. Respect and care for the individual

We seek to support one another as whole persons, mind, body and spirit, and are committed to enhancing the well-being of all those we work with. We adhere to the BACP and NCPS Ethical Frameworks in our counselling practice and the MBSR Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers in our mindfulness provision. We have a rigorous safeguarding policy for children and vulnerable adults and clear safeguarding training for employees and volunteers. We are committed to caring for the emotional well-being of our employees and volunteers and provide a parent-friendly work environment.

3. The rights of parents to be cared for to have a good life.

We seek to offer parents supportive relationships that acknowledge their intrinsic right to meet their own personal and social needs alongside their responsibilities as parents. We seek to empower parents to recognise and actively take steps to meet these personal needs and desires and offer services to help them work through the complexities of balancing their own and their family's needs. We seek to create a community in which parents can feel less isolated or lonely, and feel connected, cared for and welcome. 

4. Valuing parents’ contributions to family and society.

We recognise the deep longing of most parents to do what is best for their children. We appreciate their constant efforts to fulfil their family's goals whilst managing and containing their own reactions and life challenges. We respect the work that parents do to support their children, as well as the contributions many make to schools, clubs and other organisations that support children. We recognise parents’ current efforts as the foundation for our society in the future.

5. Participating in and building community

We believe in nurturing a sense of belonging in the community and aim to provide parents opportunities to connect with the community through our parent groups, classes and events. Our model of action in community includes offering our service through Children’s Centres, library and local schools and seeking financial aid from local businesses. We seek to strengthen community links between local organisations by using our service as a bridge between providers and receivers, of which our company is both.

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