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Parent retreat

Starts 4pm Sunday 7 Feb 

for 6 days of r&r ending on Friday 12 Feb

Usually £125 NOW £29.99

You can't spend the money on your haircut, but you can spend it on your sanity!

This online retreat has been designed to fit into a hectic lockdown family life. We will be using zoom and there will be opportunities for catching up on some live sessions. Everything will be on our website and our Facebook group page, as soon as you register you will have access to these. 


Meet a community of parents for daily reflections and practices that nourish you and help restore your vitality and purpose. Connect with us as we guide you through a week of creating space for yourself amidst the busyness of parenting. Group sessions begin and end the week and daily live and pre-recorded meditations support you in creating regular pauses for yourself throughout your day. Offerings from our well-being community, including yoga, reflexology, hypnotherapy and counselling therapists give you more opportunity for self-care and peace.


Soothing sessions for your soul, so that you can refill and carry on next week more refreshed.

Here you will:

  • Be valued and supported

  • Have dedicated time to relax and be nourished

  • Connect more fully with yourself

  • Learn techniques and tools to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Experience space in the day for your mind, body and soul

  • Meet other parents and have the chance to connect with them

  • Leave feeling more refreshed and more equipped to carry on




  • Welcome session on Sunday afternoon 4 - 5pm

  • Daily Live silent meditation at 6:45am

  • Two afternoons will be for you body to be nourished with a yoga session and self hand-massage. 

  • Each evening you will have access to a guided meditation, focusing on a new theme to support you in making time and space for yourself. Available from 5pm for you you listen when it suits you

  • We will end the retreat on Friday evening with a live group session at 7pm. A time for celebration and reflection


Give yourself the gift of pausing, and notice the difference within.

The schedule

Day 1 Welcome and setting the scene      Sunday 7 Feb           4 - 5 pm

Day 2 Morning Meditation                     Monday 8 Feb          6.45 - 6:55am

Day 2 Yoga session                               Monday 8 Feb         4 - 4.30pm

Day 3 Morning Meditation                     Tuesday 9 Feb           6:45  - 6:55am

Day 4 Morning Meditation                    Wednesday 10 Feb    6:45- 6:55am

Day 4 Nurturing hand massage              Wednesday 10 Feb    4 - 4:20pm

Day 5 Morning Meditation                    Thursday 11 Feb         6:45 - 6:55am

Day 6 Morning Meditation                     Friday 12 Feb            6:45 - 6:55am

Day 6 Celebrating and Reflecting            Friday 12 Feb            7 - 8pm

Take time to be nourished and supported, so you can carry on more refreshed.

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