Do you want to be the calm, curious parent who can gently hold your child's emotions no matter how big or noisy they are?

Do you struggle with your own emotions first?

You're not alone.

Mother and Child

Being triggered by your child's big emotions and unpredictable behaviours is not something to be ashamed of. You are a living, breathing, thinking, emotional human being, and what you are feeling is just as valid as your children's feelings.

At the same time, having a child is often one of the main experiences in our lives where we have to develop our ability to manage our own reactions, for their sake as well as our own.

We believe this is a skill that can best be learned through kindness, compassion and repetition of specific strategies that you can use to remain calm as long as possible, to divert emotions in mid-flow, or to repair when it goes wrong - just as your kids learn!

We have put together a list of easy-to-implement strategies that will help you manage your own emotions and respond in the way you want to, even when your children are really pushing your buttons. Get yours below.

Keep Your Parenting Cool
Your Handy Go-To Guide
15 quick and easy strategies for keeping your cool
when your kids are losing theirs.
[+ discover 5 kind and respectful ways to make things better if it all goes wrong]
Imagine having so much resilience, humour and connection with your child that you breeze through the upsets of the day with warmth, patience and consistency. Dreamy, right?
Mother and Daughter Love

For parents who want to respond not react:

This is your perfect starting point, even if your kids demand every second of your day, your sleep patterns are non-existent and your to-do-list is as long as your arm. Grab the Keep Your Parenting Cool Go-To Guide and get started.

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