Do you sometimes worry that your child is struggling with their feelings but can't tell you?

Do you wish you had more confidence and resources to help guide them to feel better?

You're not alone.

It's wonderful having a child, and being able to nurture and care for them.

But it can be frightening when they get overwhelmed with their big feelings and you don't know what to do about it.

Have you ever wished you knew what to say and what you could offer them that would support them and  help them manage their emotions better?

We have created a beautiful meditation so you and your child can be guided to experience a sense of relaxation, calm and confidence of knowing how to manage. Snuggle up and listen to it together, or let your child curl up in their safe place and drift into the magic of their own secret garden! Get your free audio below and start managing those feelings today!

Secret Garden Meditation
A soothing guided meditation your kids can listen to today!
Help to calm your child’s worries and build their confidence.
[+ discover how to guide your child to manage their big emotions]
Imagine feeling totally confident when your children struggle with their challenging feelings, knowing exactly how to guide them and support them. Dreamy, right?
Mother and Daughter

For parents who want to help your children with their worries:

This is your perfect starting point, even if you don't know what to say normally or struggle with emotions yourself. Access this relaxing Secret Garden Meditation and let the guided imagery support you and your child to feel calm and  confident.

Give your child this calming resource and increase your confidence to guide them to cope with their worries.
Access this beautiful meditation to offer extra support and guidance to your children to learn to manage their emotions. 
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