Do you ever make a mistake with your child?

Perhaps you lose your temper or misunderstand what they are asking for.

And your child is stood there, crumpled face, with you left not quite knowing what to do.

Mother and Child

It is a normal part of human relationships that challenges occur that leave one or both people feeling unheard, not held and supported and either abandoned or resentful. The parent-child relationship is probably the most intense form of relationship and so these breaks or ruptures occur all the time.

As the template for all other relationships in our children's lives, it is up to us as the adult and role model for our children to show them how to repair the relationship after something challenging has occurred. The importance of repair cannot be emphasised enough, as it is the pathway back to connection, equality, respect and love.

In this free resource we offer a simple 4-part structure that you as the adult can demonstrate for your child. When they have the hang of it you can ask them to follow the structure and in time, they will be able to spontaneously offer a full and reparative apology to you and the other people in their life. In fact, you will have given them a valuable tool they can use for the rest of their lives.

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