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Our Mission: Supporting Parents

If you are a parent you already know how hard it is to juggle family life, work, and relationships. You have probably already experienced many ups and downs, as well as many successes. There are times though, when those challenges become really overwhelming and you might not know where to turn. 

As parents ourselves, we know the sacrifices you make to meet the needs of your children. Our services offer you a ready-made community where you can share your struggles, learn new tools and receive encouragement to help you parent at your best.

Mother and daughter holding fingers in heart shape

Dream Your Future Families is a Community Initiative Company based in Herefordshire UK. Our core value is to create supportive communities around parents and children so everyone can thrive. Our work is designed to improve family mental health and emotional well-being based on therapeutic principles and child development. We deliver free-to-access family groups in Herefordshire, low cost counselling for parents, and a range of online resources that not only benefit you as a parent but also help us cover the costs of our groups for families. To donate click here.

Our Team

Emma Reed
Parent Counsellor
Parenting Course Creator

Emma Reed Parent Counsellor

Becoming a parent was intense! I knew from my professional background how parenting behaviours could significantly affect a child's whole life, but I found it was really hard at times. I began to have greater empathy for my own parents, and seeing friends struggle also made me realise challenges in parenthood are completely normal! After receiving parenting support from my community, I started to think about how society can positively affect the experiences of parents and children. Wanting to give something back to the town that helped me, we created Dream Your Future as a community initiative to support parents to discover, trust and follow their own deeper wisdom. I hope our work will lessen the struggles of parents and children, improve community well-being, and contribute to a more generous, open and supportive society.

Marie Gill
Mindfulness Coordinator

Marie Gill Mindfulness for Children Coordinator

When I became a Mum, my whole world changed. My little family, my world, finally felt complete but I also struggled emotionally and mentally. The self-sufficient, strong person that I once knew myself to be seemed to have disappeared and I realised that I could no longer rely on just me to get through; this whole parenting thing was way too big for that! I swallowed a lot of pride, conceded some independence, and finally let my guard down and asked for help. Fast forward a few years and I feel like I am that strong person once again. Don’t get me wrong, I still ask for help. Why wouldn’t I? Being a parent can be tough and you can be thrown off course and overwhelmed without warning. Mums and Dads need support. Fact! That is why I am so immensely proud to represent Dream Your Future; a company that allows me to be an integral part of the very help that I once received.

Our Policies

Click on the following links for more information about our organisation's policies.

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