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Do you want to better understand your emotional reactions as a parent?

Parenting Your Big Feelings

Learn to nurture and soothe yourself when faced with your child’s challenging behaviours and outbursts.

In this course you will learn 3 daily practices to identify and manage your emotional reactions, so you can parent at your best.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Who this course is for:

  • Faced with the daily pressures of parenting, you are surprised by the strength of your own emotional reactions.

  • You often judge yourself for being emotional and worry how your feelings affect your child.

  • You want to parent at your best but don't know how to support your child's emotional well-being and development.

  • You have tried many different ways of managing your reactions, but often feel too busy or frazzled to stick to helpful activities.

  • You may feel pressured by other people's opinions about your parenting choices and you're not sure what's right any more.

6 amazing benefits:

  • Understand the science and psychology of why you react the way you do.

  • Weekly journaling guide to explore your own unique emotional habits and underlying beliefs.

  • Daily practices to compassionately and effectively process your emotions.

  • Meet and share with other parents going through the same things.​

  • Weekly meditations​ to teach, soothe and calm.

  • Additional bonuses to identify your children's unique emotional reactions and how to respond.

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Course Outline

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