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Bringing even more support to you and your family

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


Helping you overcome challenges, so you can parent at your best

We believe parents can function at their best when their own needs are met.

For the last two years, Dream Your Future Counselling has been offering donations-based counselling to parents who otherwise may not have been able to access counselling. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, our organisation has expanded and changed to meet the needs of the people we work with more fully.

As a result, we are now known as Dream Your Future Families.

Here are some of the services we are offering during 2021.

Online Parent Retreat

Parents exhausted and tired with the juggle of this lockdown? Needing some space just for you? We have created a beautiful online experience for you. This is going to be a time for relaxing and getting some self-care back into your day. Created by parents for parents so that you have more tools to support your day-to-day life, so you can continue after the 6 days more refreshed.

Starting on Sunday Feb 7th at 4pm with a 1hr zoom call, daily meditations live and recorded nurturing sessions with hypnotherapists, reflexologist and yoga teacher for relaxation Monday through to Thursday and a final celebration on Friday 12 Feb at 7pm – 8pm on zoom.

Was £125 now £29 for 6 days of r&r

For more information please contact Jenny 07967 930799, email us at or visit our website

The Parent Space

The Parent Space gives you a regular time in your week to be surrounded by your tribe!

  • You have the opportunity to share what has been going on in your week with other parents.

  • You are warmly welcomed as you are.

  • You are invited to listen to others simply and warmly.

You will come away with a deeper sense of connection and lightness, knowing you have found a group who listen and accept each other. The Parent Space is led by a qualified facilitator and includes weekly 1hr zoom meetings for 6 weeks. You have time for paired sharing, as well as group sharing. Numbers are limited to 6 parents per session, to allow you to get to know your tribe.

Our next session starts Monday 22 February and every Monday thereafter until Monday 29 March. To book your place or to find out more contact Jenny 07967 930799,,

Ongoing Counselling

In recognition of the parents who did not wish to take resources away from others in need, we are now offering private counselling. By accessing counselling through us, you can be assured that a portion of your fee goes towards counselling provision for those who really cannot afford it.

We are still offering six sessions of donations-based counselling every half term. You can access counselling and we invite you to donate towards our running costs. No-one is turned away if they cannot donate. If there are no current places available, you can go on our waiting list for sessions to start the following half term.

Additionally, we are now offering single-session therapy, focusing on finding solutions to a single life challenge. Answer a simple questionnaire before your session and complete a review form after to measure your progress and decide whether you need further support. These sessions are available at short notice and can be a great resource for when you are facing a crisis.

For more information contact Emma 07581 224539 or email is at or visit our website

Mind You! Mindfulness Meditations for Kids

In response to many parents’ questions about how to help their children’s anxiety, and drawing on the extensive skills and experience of our team, we are now creating a new initiative to teach children about mindfulness and resilience which can help them especially n these times of Covid19.

With the right support and skills, children can overcome many difficulties and develop their own inbuilt resourcefulness and resilience. By giving children the experience of slowing down and using all their senses to engage with the present moment, we believe they can connect with their natural joy, creativity and well-being, which can protect against the onset of mental health problems in their vulnerable teenage years. Evidence-based research has shown how effective mindfulness is in treating mental health conditions, and the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions before adolescence.

Our pre-recorded meditations will be available to purchase from our website from February. Go to

We are also developing a series of Mindfulness workshops to be run at local primary schools in our local area, and will be offering funded and subsidised places for low-income families.

For more information contact Marie 07824 514693 or email us at or visit our website


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