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More space in your busy day

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

You know that feeling you get when everyone actually gets out of the house and then you drop them off at school, it’s a bright and clear morning and you’re feeling fresh and full of energy and purpose? You notice that you are ON YOUR OWN and you feel free!

Next time you get the children to school simply notice this very moment. The moment when they have gone into school and you are on your own. Savour this moment, treasure it and delight in it. This wonderful moment where no-one is demanding anything from you. Where you don’t have to do anything. How would it be to hold onto this and enjoy it for a few moments longer? How would it be if you allowed yourself to indulge in this very moment? Could you give yourself permission to really soak it all up? Perhaps you are walking back to the car before setting off to work, perhaps you are walking back home to cram as much as possible into your day before pick up, perhaps you are walking back to the breakfast chaos and there’s back to back scheduled meetings for work.

Notice any planning your busy mind want to do “thanks mind, I’ll get back to you really soon”

Notice any judgement about the way the morning went to get everyone out of the house on time “yes, I see you”

Notice any worries your kind heart has for your children “you’re so loving”

Notice your thoughts and allow them to float off, reassure yourself that your children are safe and you will get back to everything else and simply enjoy this beautiful moment, take a few extra deep breaths, linger a little bit longer, extend it ever so slightly. You deserve this space in your day, this space can help you to pause; you deserve this moment fully.

How would it feel if you could easily and without guilt add more of these moments to your day? What would pick up, or supper or bedtime be like if you didn’t feel so burnt out? How might you feel if you could actually cope with the noise and the questions and the chaos?

Adding these simple and effective tips into your day will make you feel more relaxed, more balanced and more able to cope with the demands of family life.


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